Passenger Ships Rebate :
Rebates to be given to Passenger Ships , Cruise Ships and Yachts of not less than 300 Suez Gross Tons.
Passenger ships , cruise ships and yachts of not less than 300 Suez Canal gross tons shall be given the following rebates :-

50% reduction on normal transit dues for each leg of the round trip for ships that call on Egyptian, Mediterranean and Red Sea
ports provided that the ship's duration of stay at the Egyptian ports is not less than 72 hours. However, in case the duration
of stay at Egyptian ports is less than 72 hours but within the minimum of 36 hours, the reduction shall be calculation in the
following manner :-
50 % x number of hours at Egyptian ports / 72

Not less than half the ship's duration of stay at Egyptian ports should be spent at Red Sea ports
For the rebate on the return trip to be granted, the return trip should be made within a maximum of one month from the
date of transit. In all cases, the transit dues shall be collected in full upon transit from either north or south entrance. The
rebate amount shall be refunded whenever the following documents are duly submitted :
An authenticated certificate from each Egyptian port of call showing date and time of arrival and departure of the subject
ship and stating that the ship was solely involved in tourist activities and that no goods loading or unloading operations, as
far as this ship is concerned, were handled at such port
To this end, the given below circulars shall be deemed null and void :-

2/93 dated April 14 , 1993
5/94 dated May 13 , 1994
7/94 dated Sept 8 , 1994
4/2001 dated 31/12/2003

This circular takes effect as of Jan 1,2002

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