General Supplies :

General Supply :
Provisions - Fresh, Dry, Frozen
Bonded Stores - Duty Free
Cabin, Deck & Engine stores
B.A. Charts & Navigation Equipment
Wire & Mooring ropes
Safety Equipment etc
Marine Paint & Coatings
Marine Gases & Chemicals

Bunker Supply :
In the field of bunkering, we have facilities which ensure a smooth bunker supply. Nominations for all grades of fuel oils or
Luboils can be fixed at any time, day or night, regardless of the time difference between Egypt and any part of the world.
We can arrange bunkering at Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said and Suez. However, we should point out that bunker facilities
are not available at all Red Sea ports. Nonetheless, under prior notification and within ample time we can arrange supplying
of Gas Oil by trucks  to the ports of Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurgada and Nuweiba.

Fresh Water Supply :
We supply vessels with any quantity of fresh water required.
Supply is usually done by means of special barges, for vessels berthing inside port, or at anchorage area as per ship's
standing position and circumstance.
Cost of water supplies differ from one port to another and according to the place vessel is anchored inside the port.

We follow up ship's bunkering, Fresh Watering and General supply.

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