Suez Canal Transit :
Ships' operators require a comprehensive service from a reliable agent.

Due to the type of shipping agency business SANMAR deals with, it has become important that all services provided are
rendered quickly, efficiently and  professionally in order to satisfy the needs of it's clients. This is the reputation that
SANMAR seeks to preserve.

In a developping market such as the Egyptian, any foreigner soon realises that factors such as long-time experience and
know-how are very important parameters for the successful dealing with the local authorities. SANMAR has excellent contacts
in this field and provides its customers with this important advantage, overcoming any of the problems and difficulties that
can be associated with the Suez Canal and ports in Egypt.

However, having good contacts alone is not enough. SANMAR employes qualified staff to carry out the day-to-day business.
We  always safeguard the interests of our clients and offer prompt and efficient services through our branch offices located
at both ends, providing reliable and efficient full agency services to ensure smooth operation during Suez Canal transits on a
twenty four hour basis in  the most cost-effective way without any delay or problem.

We provide :

Effective response to any requirement of unexpected event 24 hours a day.
Professional advice and very precise knowledge of local procedures and regulations.
Safeguard ship’s interests with the various local authorities.
Accurate, detailed estimation on transit and/or call expenses and reasonable fees for services rendered.
Handling the finance of the vessel, and particularly of the Canal dues and disbursements, also controlling payment of all
expenses to avoid any mistake locally.
Auditing accounts, clearance and refund of balances.
Eliminating erroneous charges prior to receipt by principals.
Efficient accounting procedures allowing continuous reconciliation.
Clear and comprehensive statements of accounts with full supporting documents within a maximum of one and a half month
from the date of transit/call. Furthermore, to avoid the accumulation of even small balances, SANMAR promptly settles them
with its clients.
Proper and “profitable” measurement of chargeable vessel’s Suez Canal tonnage.
After 25 years SANMAR is today in a position to state that practically every shipping company that has seeked our services
once has remained with  us.

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