Agency :

We anticipate that loss of time for shipowners, operation
managers and charterers means loss of considerable profits. In
order to avoid such losses you should be extremely careful at
selecting your Agent.

SANMAR is acting as a private Agent, operating directly with
the Suez Canal Authority and the Egyptian Port Authorities for
any type and size of vessel.

Our offices in Alexandria, Damietta, Cairo, Port Said and Suez
city offer comprehensive agency services to every ship calling
at any Egyptian port. Continuous supervision is provided by us,
enabling efficient vessel handling, thus saving owners of time
and money.

Our services include:

Crew changes.
Spare parts delivery-forwarding.
Cash to Master.
Chandlery and ship supplies.
Fresh Water Supply at competitive and reasonable costs.

Laundry and ironing services.
Underwater inspections, diving services, weldings and cleaning.
Motors rewinding repairing and reconstructions.
Electrical & Electronics Technicians providing useful second-hand spare parts or new spare parts, depending on the case and the principal's requirements.
Arranging and assisting in all kind of ship's repairs.
Scaling & Painting.
Life raft inspection.
Sludge and garbage disposal in compliance with MARPOL regulations.
Reliable agency attendance of calls by our own high experienced staff on the spot (round-the-clock attendance).
Cargo Operations at all Egyptian Ports (Loading & Discharging)
Stevedoring operations and any Owner's/Master's request accomplished in the best way.
Collecting freights due to ship-owners and remittance to their shipping account at their disposal.
Dealing with local competent authorities on behalf of Ship-owners/Charterers/Operators.
Representation of charterers' or owners' protective interests.
Pre-call procedures-port and weather information, berth availability, documentation, port services.
Serving passenger and/or tourist ships.
SANMAR have gained valuable experience through 25 years of service in Egypt. We are dedicated at giving customers high standard of service quality to every ship.

We invite you to use our services on a trial basis for your next vessel to Egypt.

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