Forwarding of Spares :
We attend on the spot custom clearance, taking onboard without delay for forwarding to final destination with all supporting

For easy clearance at Cairo airport and immediate dispatch of spares to/from vessel, the sender is requested to dispatch
spares as follows:

28A, 23 July Str.,
P.O. Box 824 Port Said
Tel : +20 66 3338327
fax:  +20 66 3327240
Upon dispatching the parcel/s, please notify us:
- Arrival flight details/AWB Nr/Nr of parcel and weight.
Time needed is two (2) working days from the moment spares arrive at Cairo airport until delivery on board. Moreover,
please consider that during the Arab weekend, the Customs & Excise at Cairo airport are closed.

Documents needed:

It is recommended that a copy of AWB and a commercial invoice for customs purposes are faxed to us before arrival of the
parcel at Cairo airport for the formalities.

We recommend that spares are air freighted (and not sent by courier service) in order to arrive no later than 48 hours prior
to vessel's arrival.

Please ensure proper package for safe transportation and handling and make sure that the parcel arrives at Cairo airport in
due time before transit, allowing sufficient time for clearance and forwarding to vessel.


Official working hours at the airport are 09:00hrs to 14:00hrs. Working after these hours requires special arrangement and is
charged extra for night shift clearance.

It is forbidden to any crew members to hand-carry any spare parts.

Cairo has more clearing facilities than Alexandria Airport and there are extra charges at Alexandria airport.

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