Suez Canal Transit
Worldwide Ships Supplies

Ships' operators require a
comprehensive service from a reliable

Due to the type of shipping agency
business SANMAR deals with, it has
become important that all services
provided are rendered quickly,
efficiently and  professionally in order to
satisfy the needs of it's clients. This is
the reputation that SANMAR seeks to
preserve.
We anticipate that loss of time for
shipowners, operation managers and
charterers means loss of considerable
profits. In order to avoid such losses you
should be extremely careful at selecting
your Agent.

SANMAR is acting as a private Agent,
operating directly with the Suez Canal
Authority and the Egyptian Port
Authorities for any type and size of
vessel.
We represent major suppliers
worldwide. Our network is ready to
serve any vessel 24 hours a day, giving
us the ability to satisfy customers’
requirements better than our
competitors with the combination of
high quality products and service at low
cost.
About Our Activities...
We provide high quality services and the best attention when any kind of vessel is transiting the Suez Canal or calling at any
Egyptian port.
We also provide general ship supply services at any port in the globe in coordination with the most reliable suppliers.
We offer our customers the convenience of full agency at all Egyptian ports
and worldwide ship supply services.
You only need one company for all your services.

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