Mooring Boats :

Vessels transiting the Canal must have mooring boats as mentioned hereafter hired from the Suez Canal Mooring Company
approved by SCA in case no mooring boats from the said company are available, ship's boats if suitable for mooring (open
type life boat) in the canal can be used and must be manned by shore crew, hired from the SC mooring company, each boat is
to be manned by three men.
One mooring boat or one motor boat for vessels under 2500 tones gross SC.G.T.
One motor for vessels from 2500 to 5000 tons gross , SC G.T.
Two motor boats or one motor boat and one mooring boat for vessels from 5000 SC G.T to 30000 SC G.T.
Two motor boats for vessels over 30000 tons gross , SC.G.T.
Ships may ask for additional motor boats or mooring boats according to Master 's request.

These mooring boats must be in constant readiness for lowering to run the ropes to the mooring posts without any delay
during the transit of vessel.
Ships must be fitted with well maintained lifting appliance capable of lifting mooring boats of 4 tons weight (Including crew
Ships may carry extra mooring boats as passengers for the interest of navigation. However L.P.G ,L.N.G and loaded Tankers
are not allowed any extra boats.
The handling of mooring boats must be carried out well clear from the ship's propellers.
Master is requested to reduce speed during lifting or lowering operations of mooring boats, an officer must be in charge, to
avoid accidents that may endanger the life of mooring men.
If the vessel has no means for lifting mooring boats and ship's boats are not suitable for mooring in the Canal, the vessel
shall not be allowed to transit the Canal.
   Mooring boats Specifications

   Mooring boats used by Canal Mooring and lights co.

Type Length Beam Height Gross
First 5.86 m 2.20 m 1.25 m 2 tons
Second 7.00 m 2.50 m 1.40 m 3.5 tons
They recommend to equip ships with lifting means with SWL not less than 5 tons for more safety factor for both mooring men
and boats.

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