Escort Tugs :
First: Escorting the ships transiting the Suez Canal is effectuated according to the SC net tonnage and not the summer dead

The escort of VLCC's, ULCC's, L.P.G, L.N.G, Large Bulk carriers and other vessels,will be as follows:

Loaded vessels less than 70,000 SC N.T. will be escorted by one tug if for technical reasons SCA finds it necessary, or when
the vessels draught is more than 47 feet.

Loaded vessels from 70,000 SC N.T. to 90,000 tons will be escorted by one tug.

Loaded vessels over 90,000 SC N.T. will be escorted by two tugs.

Vessels in ballast over 130,000 SC N.T. will be escorted by one tug.

L.P.G., and L.N.G. over 25,000 SC N.T. (except G.F), will be escorted by one tug.

Vessels in ballast with beam over 218 feet up to 233 feet will be escorted by one tug.

Vessels in ballast with beam over 233 feet will be escorted by two tugs.

Towed scrapped vessels in ballast 80,000 SC N.T. and over will be escorted by one tug.

Second: The SC net tonnage is assessed regardless of sizes that are temporarily added in each transit (such as double bottom
tanks or containers on deck .. etc)

Third: This circular takes effect as of 1/1/1997.

N. B. (1) :
Reference to Art.57 and Art.58 :

Any vessel escorted by one tug and the situation requires another imposed tug, same tug is considered imposed needles for a
second tug.

Any vessel escorted by two tugs and the situation requires a third imposed tug, one of the two escorting tugs will be for
escort and the second is imposed needless for a third tug.

N. B. (2) :
The prementioned vessels in Art.57 and 58 have to prepare two polypropylene ropes 16" circumference to join the stern of
the tug during stopping operations.
The ropes should be eye spliced to fit in the quick release hook on the tug with adequate length to give distance between fore
of the tug and stern of the vessel at about 50 meters.
On the vessels, these ropes will be made fast on stern bitts port and starboard. Their eyes will be hanging over the stern
about 2 meters above water and lashed with rope stoppers to break loose when necessary.

Responsibility in cases mentioned before : Either imposed or escorted tug, the Master is responsible for any damage that
may happen to SC tugs, directly or indirectly during the voyage, whatever the reasons of the damage may be.

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