Fishing Ports :
                          EL-MAADEYA         PORT SAID FISHING            ATTAKA  
Time Zone  GMT +2

A national plan for the development of the ARE coastal fishing ports has been established taking into account the fish potential future demand Studies indicated that the present problems result from the lack of proper utilities & facilities necessary for the accommodation of fishing vessels, at EL-Maadey Port and due do the shallow water depth at the entrance and port at the dock, Pollution resulting form vessels dwelling at the entrance of the port. affected Edco lake . Studies recommend the restructuring of Maadeya fishing port.
Port Location:
The fishing port is located at Maadeya strait East Alexandria ,within the boundaries of Beheira Governorate  The strait is surrounded from the North by the Mediterranean Sea , from the South by Maadeya strait bridge & Edco lake from the East by a void land , and from the West by the city buildings
Port Description:
Inner dock 2.5 m. deep , with 160 m. long , 4 m. deep metallic blinds scaffold 2 berths on both sides of the dock , 175 m. long and 2.5 m. deep each
Outer dock 4 m. deep
Outer dock Northern berth 160 m. long , 4 m. deep
Outer dock Southern berth 180 m. long , 4 m. deep
Outer dock Western berth 165 m. long , 4 m. deep and 40 m. extension
Central breakwater    200m.long ,150 m. extension
Eastern Breakwater 230 m. long , 85 m. extension
Western Breakwater 100 m. long
Navigational channel 4.5 m. deep

The total required fresh water is 17 tons / day to be supplied from the city's general water utility.
The total required fuel is 34.000 liters / day , provided that the existing bunkering facilities be shifted behind  the fuel berths
The total required ice amount is 2500 blocks in high seasons.
The total required warehouses for ice storage ranges between 400 - 500 m2.
The port includes an administrates building vessels bunkering terminal , power transformers , fish handling building, refrigerator water tank, pump terminal, oil sucking terminal, 2 lighthouses to the right and left sides of the entrance  
Time Zone  GMT +2
Port Description:
The port is a property of Port Said Port Authority, according to the republican decree No. 213. It is located at the extreme North of the western bank of Suez Canal over a land area of 200 x 471 m. It includes two customs gates. The port consists of 4 inner docks. It is surrounded from the South and West by 20 m. wide land area, while from the North and East the contiguous land surface width is 10 m.
Berths Description:
The Vessel Scaling and Shipping Dock

It is a U-shaped dock located at the extreme North of the port, with various depths allowing the scaling and shipping of small fishing boats.
It consists of the following
Northern Berth                   174.25 m. long
Southern Berth                   145.07 m. long
Western Berth                    80.30 m. long

The Northern Dock

It is a U-shaped dock, situated southward the previous one. It consists of the following:
Northern Berth                   145.07 m. long
Southern Berth                   99.77 m. long
Western Berth                    99.1 m. long

The Central Dock

It is a U-shaped dock, situated southward the Northern Dock. It consists of the following:
Northern Berth                   99.77 m. long
Southern Berth                   99.77 m. long
Western Berth                    101.25 m. long

The Southern Dock

It is a U-shaped dock, located at the extreme South of the fishing port. Its
depth enables the accommodation of all types of fishing vessels and fuel
barges. It consists of the following:
Northern Berth                   99.77 m. long
Southern Berth                   164.00 m. long
Western Berth                    99.40 m. long

Port Installations:

Misr Petroleum Co. Warehouse 240 m2
Petroleum Cooperative Association Warehouse 300 m2
Ice Factory 164 m2
General Fisheries Authority headquarters 130.02 m2
Port Said Port Authority Carpentry workshop 143.2 m2
2 Storehouses of the Authority
Time Zone  GMT +2
Port Description:
Attaka port lies on the western shore of the Gulf of Suez. It was built in 1910 for stone forwarding from Attaka stone quarry. Then, it was changed to a port for the fishing units services that are found north the Gulf of Suez, by building a 350 meter long breakwater and a 330 meter long berth parallel to the breakwater and 80 meters distanced from it.
Approach Area:
The breakwaters
The  northern breakwater 430 m  long Its  C.D. is 3.5 m.
The southern breakwater, which is an extension of the old breakwater, with 45m  length.
The old breakwater is under repair
Berths Description:
The following berths are under construction
A berth 296 m  long and 4 m. deep of concrete blocks for berthing and fish discharging.
Its  C.D. is ranging from 2.6 m  to 2.8 m.
A  berth of concrete blocks of 120 m long and 4 m deep.
A  berth of 40 m long of blocks for waiting.
In addition new fenders lashing bollards are established in developing the old berth .
Navigational channel 4.5 m. deep

Navigational Information:

Establishing a new dock 21 m wide and 2.7 m deep, its area is 95 x140 m .
Protecting the slopes, which are 585 m long.
Reclaiming approximately 3.4 hectare land surfaces to 2.6 - 3.3 m deep.

Port Facilities:

Construction of 2 concrete water tanks. The ground-based is 400 m   , and the upper one is 30 m3 
Establishment of an ice line, with 50 ton capacity and 50 ton storing capacity
Establishment of a 701m2 concrete shed for fish sorting and landing.
1900m. long road inside the port with a gate guard building
Establishment of a parking yard over an area of 6700m2.
Facilities for the provision of fuel , water.
350m.long pipeline for oil provision 
Salty water line ,operating with a capacity of 0,3 tons/min.
Power & light terminal 
Pumps building.